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About Career Coaching

We guide individuals in maximizing their career potential and help them in reaching pinnacle of their career success. We provide Career Guidance using customized blend of three different processes – Career Counselling, Career Coaching and Career Mentoring. We customize the proportion of each of the process depending on the need of the individual. For senior professionals, we mostly provide Career Coaching. For Mid-level professionals, it is the combination of Career Coaching and Career Mentoring. For Young & aspiring professionals, we have it is appropriate to provide a combination all the three.

Career counselling focuses on understanding the personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, interest and background of the individual. Our Career Counsellors help them overcome the uncertainties/confusion around their career, provide different options, pros and cons of each option, any disagreement with his/her parents/significant others, and help them in decision making to bring them closer to their dream career. Career counselling’s process chalks out a career path for a young/aspiring professional by making an informed decision around the same.


Typically Career counselling is most beneficial for students and young professionals who lack knowledge of different career options.

Our Career coaching process help our clients achieving excellence in their career. We believe that the our clients are the expert about their lives and work. They know the best about what works and what does not work in their world. Based on what works for them and what they want to achieve, we engage in the thought-provoking process with our clients, to chalk to steps to move forward  towards their goals. Our Career Coaches are the experts in making the process most creative, productive and acceptable to our clients.


Career coaching works best for the senior and mid-level professionals who has lot of working experience.

Mentors are typically the seniors or veterans in a specific profession. Mentors have already played the similar roles and extensive working knowledge in the field. In the Career Mentoring process, mentor provides suggestions based on his experience related to the specific situation/problem the mentee is facing.

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